This web page has been set up within few weeks after the projectofficially started. It is a platform which offers basic informationabout the project and its aims, people involved and financial support.In the News section, the project activities can be chronologically followed. Here, in Dissemination section, dissemination activities are listed according to the activity type.


Within the project, two workshops are planned. They will be organized at the end of first and second project year. Information on each workshop will be posted on time.


Very intensive dynamics of graphene research led to the Nobel Prize in Physics 2010 awarded to Geim and Novoselov, the pioneers in the field. This is a positive moment to promote the material which is in the focus of this project. Since graphene research at the Institute of Physics is the reference for graphene research in Croatia, M. Kralj was invited several times to radio and TV to explain the material and why the Noble Prize was awarded. This was always an excellent opportunity to mention also most recent activities covered by this project. List of media appearances:
HR1 Drag mi je Platon. On October 6, M.K. talked to Blanka Jergović about graphene research and the prize.
HTV1 Medju nama. On October 19, Sanja Skorić took a statemet aboutthe prize. A few minutes clip was a part of a show where rector of Zagreb University,Aleksa Bjeliš, talked generally about physics and about University.
Radio Sljeme Iz svijeta znanosti. On October 28, M.K. talked to Nikolina Kovačević about the prize and its impact.
- HR1 Oko znanosti. On November 26, M.K. talked to Sanja Maričić aboutthe significance of this year's prize in physics.
HTV1 Trenutak Spoznaje. Croatian television has a weekly show about science. On December 09, M.K. gave a few minutes statement to Mirjana Srhoj about the meaning and significance ofthe 2010. physics prize.


For the same reason mentioned above, M. Kralj was invited to give several public lectures and explain the Noble Prize material, which always included the context of graphene research at the Institute of Physics  including this UKF project. List of public lectures:
- "Od obične olovke do Nobelove nagrade za fiziku", 28th October 2010 at the Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb (invited by Ivica Rubelj)
- "Od obične olovke do Nobelove nagrade", 9th December 2010 at the meeting of  Croatian Physical Society, Zagreb (invited by Silvia Tomić)
- "Era grafena: nezaustavljiva zvijezdu u usponu", 22nd January 2011 at the  Gimnazija Čakovec, Čakovec (invited by Melita Sambolek & Dejan Vinković)
- "Grafen: baza za novu elektroniku i nove tehnologije", 26th January 2011 at the meeting of  Croatian Vacuum Society, Zagreb (invited by Ognjen Milat)
- "Ugljik uzvraća udarac", 20th June 2011 at  26. Ljetna škola mladih fizičara, Mali Lošinj (invited by Mario Basletić)
- "Grafenska zemlja čudesa", 26th October 2011 at  Gimnazija Sisak, Žuapanijsko Stručno Vijeće nastavnika i učitelja fizike (invited by Blaženka Slovenec)

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