Novel materials for electronics:

from production to devices

(Litographene workshop #1)
June 6, 2011. Institut za fiziku Zagreb, Dvorana Mladen Paić

This workshop is organized in order to promote the approach in this project, which comprehends the circle from material production, its characterization, manipulation and finally device design, nano-fabrication and characterization. Several project participants will share their experiences and expertise in the 45-min. presentations.

Speakers and titles:

Mario Basletić, Dimensionality of LAO/STO oxide structures

Bojana Hamzić, Magnetotransport measurements of the quasi-1D organic conductors

Marko Kralj, Epitaxial growth of graphene: Highway towards graphene application

Marin Petrović, Low Energy Electron Microscopy: Principles and applications

Damir Starešinić, Microfabricated devices for thermal measurements

Tonica Valla, Relationship between the electronic structure and transport properties in various 2-dimensional electronic systems

 10:00-10:15  Opening
 10:15-11:05  Tonica Valla
 11:05-11:55  Mario Basletić
 11:55-13:30  Lunch break
 13:30-14:20  Bojana Hamzić
 14:20-15:10  Damir Starešinić
 15:10-15:40  Coffee break
 15:40-16:30  Marin Pertović
 16:30-17:20  Marko Kralj

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